Sonoro LIVE Photography Policy

At Sonoro LIVE, we are music fans first and event promoters second. We love music and we love concerts, but we don't love anything that affects our ability to enjoy the full experience at a show. Our Photography Policy has been designed to ensure that EVERYONE at a gig is able to enjoy the experience without interference, distraction, or disruption. With that in mind:

  • We welcome small cameras and camera phones at each and every show. Snapping a couple of pictures is a great way to reminisce about a fantastic experience after the fact. BUT - we do ask that your turn off your flashes so that you don't distract the performers or other guests - repeated flashes will earn you a short conversation with show security.
  • Larger SLR cameras and cameras with removable lenses ARE NOT allowed into our shows. All of our artists work very hard to both protect and project the image that they want, and even well-meaning and professional photographers don't necessarily understand all of the challenges that this involves. We'd prefer that you enjoy the show experience instead of trying to capture it photographically.
  • Finally, under no circumstances is recording and/or streaming of a show permitted. Anyone attempting to record and/or stream will be asked to stop, and persistent behaviour will be grounds for removal from the venue.

If there are any questions regarding this policy, you may contact us using the information below.

Sonoro Live
99 Kensington Church Street
London, London W84BU
Last Edited on 2017-12-06