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Introducing "Long Way Home" -The Best Selling Album by Guy Jones


What People Are Saying

"Guy's music is honest and pure... just like music should be!" Johan Van Den Berg - Amsterdam, Netherlands

"A true talent, and one of my favourite artists of this generation!" Chris Basil - London, UK

"His music takes me to places I have never been before!" Rachel Kohlhepp - Wakefield, UK



A musician's life can be a hard one. For some artists, every mile on the road etches another line onto a weary face.

Not so, for Guy Jones. From New York to Nashville and from Birmingham to Berlin, every mile traveled is another story, another adventure, another insight into life. Luckily for us, Guy channels those experiences into beautiful lyrics, soulful melodies, and rich vocals.

His amazing craftsmanship extends into recording and production. His albums have been carefully mastered and produced by some of the biggest names in the business, from Aaron Nevezie (Black Keys & JoJo Mayer) to Alex Deturk (David Bowie & Wille Nelson).

2018 is poised to a breakout year for this brilliant young artist, with the UK leg of his Long Way Home Tour set to launch in the spring.

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Why are I doing this? Well, there are actually a few reasons...

1 It's my way of saying thank you for being one of those increasingly rare music fans who knows well-crafted new music when they hear it.

2 Unlike other artists, I don't make all of my money from recorded music. And because of that, it doesn't hurt me to share my best music with you - I just hope that you will love it and share it with someone else.

3 If I get more of my music in your hands, and it really connects with you and your life, it should get you excited and curious about more of my stuff in the future.

4 Most of the new music coming out is just cookie-cutter, bland, play-by-numbers CRAP, without any real emotional connection between the artist and the fans. So I decided to do things a little differently, to march to my own drumbeat as it were. My album is honest songwriting, with a classic sound that reflects the kind of music I loved growing up and still love today.

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Guy Jones

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