Cherry Suede's music is authentic Rock with a touch of Country blended in.
Each song is carefully crafted, genuine, and truly unique. Over and over again, they prove that passionate music fans don't have to settle for mainstream, manufactured, cookie-cutter music.


Every Song is Great!

Chrissy D - Boston, MA


So Much Emotion & Truth

Lynnette H - Seward, NE


Instantly Memorable...

Helen B- Cambridge, UK


Their Songs Tell a Story

Jennie S - Kent, UK


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With over 3,000 shows, playing to over 1,000,000 people, see for yourself why people call Cherry Suede one of the most talented and hardest working bands out there...

Founding members Randy Scott (lead vocals/guitar) and Randy Young (lead guitar/vocals) - a potent mix of passion, talent & skill - have proven to the music industry and to their fans that through tireless touring and successful recording, independent artists have a voice - a loud one.

As musicians, Scott and Young understand that without fans there is no art, and that the connection between artists and audience is a two-way street. As music fans themselves, Scott and Young recognize fans’ need to connect on a more intimate level.

The influence and inspiration they've drawn from Rock n’ Roll legends is a testament to their realization that they are standing on the shoulders of giants, with the goal that one day the rockers of the future will stand on theirs.


Cherry★Suede & Stewart Mac "State of the Union" Tour

Kicks off in April 2018 - Tickets On Sale Now